Er, I’m Back?

Posted: 10/23/2011 in Uncategorized
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Anyone who follow(s)(ed) my blog probably noticed it’s been rather, errr, empty lately. Bit of issues but I’m on the come back 😀 I may have lost most of my old posts -time will tell- in the mean time, I apologize for the delays in news updates, and the information once here, now gone. I will try to ‘revive’ it …

Before I do that, however, I must say I am beyond giddy with Gadaffi dead. Libya, Feb 17th, was life changing for me. And the lives lost, especially those close to my heart, will never be forgotten. I hope Libya’s future is brighter than any of us could imagine.

With that said, I am now off to work on restoring this page >.< wish me luck! 😀